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Elec2Go is a fast-growing company; for this reason, we are constantly looking for new points of purchase of our charging card. Your benefit? Your company is included in the location seeker of points of purchase on our website and in the mobile application. The charging card is also available in the house-style of your company.

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Charging card in house-style

For you as a co-branding partner of Elec2Go it is possible to develop a charging card in your own house-style. You can become the point of purchase of your ‘own’ charging card and your company will also be included in the location seeker of Elec2Go, both on the website and in the app.

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Your own charging station

If you are interested in having your own charging station at your company, Elec2Go can take care of this. With your own charging station visitors can charge their electric vehicle on your site. While charging, visitors can use your company’s facilities. A beneficial situation for both parties!

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Discounts through your charging card

We offer our customers the option of using the facilities of your company at a reduced rate while charging their vehicle. This way, customers can have a coffee/work out/work/play bowls etc. while charging your car. The locations where customers can charge with these extra benefits are included in our app and on the site. This ‘charging with additional benefits’ will provide additional visitors and promotion to your business.

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Give your customers even more convenience

Charge directly with the card

Elec2Go makes recharging electric vehicles easy. With an Elec2Go prepaid card, there’s no need to register and sign up, you can start recharging immediately. Quick and easy.

Individual portal

As a business customer, you get your own portal at Elec2Go where you can log in. In this portal you have insight into the cards and any charge points that your company has. The portal includes the colours and logo of your company.

More than 100,000 charging points

With the Elec2Go card you can easily (quickly) recharge at more than 100,000 charging stations throughout Europe. You can easily find all charging locations in the Elec2Go app.

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